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If you can’t beat them, Join them.

Teach enough obedience so that you can have fun doing things with your dog.  Don’t forget to enjoy the time you have with your dog.  Don’t worry about the small stuff.  Be consistent with your household rules.  Be fair with your dog and be fair to yourself.

When you choose your puppy or adult dog you are choosing a companion and partner for the next decade or so if you are lucky.  Choose wisely.

Your dog is living in your house with you.  When we were growing up family vacations sometimes involved living in very tight quarters on a sail boat.  Dad used to say “The captan is the one who empties the head.”  Dad was the captan.  I tell my students “the one who scoops the poo makes the rules in the house.”  Being the boss means you are the responsible one.  You make the decisions to keep everyone safe and happy.

The key to training is to be fair.  That means be consistent.  That means be patient.  Learning takes time.  Anyone selling you an immediate cure for a problem that has been going on for some time is probably also sincerely selling Golden Gate Bridge real estate.

There are always going to be arm chair experts.  Remember you are the one responsible for your dog.  Make your decisions wisely.

Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy your dog.  That is why you got him in the first place.



Start training the minute they are hatched.

Incorporate your training into your everyday life, not just holiday stuff.

Socializing starts on day one. Introducing a cat to the pack of dogs

Make your dog part of your life.



Seek-a-Boo a detection dog for the bed bug project.